James Dean photographed by Dennis Stock, NYC, 1955

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get to know me thing:
∟ 5 shows: The Pacific [3/5]

History is full of wars that were fought for a hundred different reasons. But this war. Our war. I have to believe that it’s all worthwhile, because our cause is just.

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Untitled (Finger Paint 8)

Chad Wys (web/tumblr/fb/s6)

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zodiac aesthetics


aries: drunk edgy retro adventurer 
taurus: electric pixie retro zombie 
gemini: 70’s lolita wannabe witch 
cancer: plain goth circa hipster 
leo: dirty dubstep bi punk
virgo: apocalyptic steampunk winter disaster
libra: 40’s fantasy stoner ghoul 
scorpio: vintage vodka surrealist royalty  
sagittarius: magical destructive retrofuturist superhero 
capricorn: decadent anarchist sick revolutionary
aquarius: post-apocalyptic anarchist teen monstrosity
pisces: 90’s grunge sick geek

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"anxIETy??" mOM saYS, "n OO jUSTT dON””TtTTT lET thINGS boTHEr yOU”


sIMpLE????? jUST dONT “leT" IT bOTHER ME??? anxIetY„„, gonEE THEN!!!???

scIeNTIFIC brEAKthROUGH???!!! thAT………


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Naught Boy ft. Bastille - No One’s Here to Sleep

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This lil bun has a message for y’all

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welcome to nowheresville USA where the old ladies have rly pretty gardens

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Albert Aublet (French, 1851-1938) - Selene, 1880     Paintings: Oil on Canvas 

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Map of Paris (1937)

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